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For those who aren't used to being in front of the camera, posing can be a little difficult and feel a bit awkward. I do my best to bring 10-15 poses to the shoot to keep things moving and avoid lulls (+ don't worry, I will be walking you through and directing you each step of the way). It's always best to come to the shoot with poses you might have seen online or ones you may have seen other places. I'll be more than happy to accommodate these into our shoot. I would recommend spending some time looking to Pinterest for these and emailing me any shots that you would like to focus on during our shoot time. 

≫ wardrobe

  • Solid colors are your friend. Nothing ruins great photos better than a loud pattern or obnoxious logo. 
  • If you can, please iron your clothes. My camera can and will pick up these small details, and while editing can be a great tool to remove these ━ it's best to avoid this by a quick ironing the night before
  • While it's not required, it's always best to color coordinate with whomever you are photographing with. This will make all the difference when the photos are finished. 
  • If you would like to incorporate different outfits, we can absolutely accommodate this! 


It may seem silly, but drinking water and moisturizing the night before a shoot will make all the difference! Please avoid late nights out and anything that may cause dehydration. Rest up, drink fluids, face mask, repeat.