Are We There Yet?

You have been driving for what seems to be years. The greatest hits of Shania Twain have already played through the entire CD twice and you can’t bare to scan the airwaves for whatever hillbilly station your antenna might catch. The gas tank is only half full now and it wouldn’t hurt to use another disgusting bathroom, so you’ll fill up and empty at the next rest stop. 

Back on the road, you begin to feel the anxiety again. 

“Am I making any progress?” 
“What state am I in?”
“Will I ever get there?”

The lighting of the entire Earth is changing and you are unsure if you are even moving. You’re passing lines, but you start to think you might be on a circular track, like the typical Hot Wheels track of the early 90’s (we all got them at Christmas).

This is typical, and it happens to everyone. 

That paper you can’t seem to finish, that quilt you have been knitting, or that bottle of wine you can’t seem to finish (ya right).  We are all working toward something with one thing in mind, to finish, to get there, to be done. 

They don't call it tunnel vision for nothing. Our impatience creates a funnel around the one thing we set our sights on, the destination, the good news, and the final word of that thesis paper. 

How much better off would we be if we enjoyed the time it took to do something or get somewhere? How much of our happiness are we compromising by thinking about the destination, when we should be thinking about the ride?

Maybe you’re a sports fan. Yes, the touchdown is most important, but what about the play that got you there? If there isn’t an appreciation for the pick, the turnover, or that insane sixty-yard pass for a touchdown, then what is the point of the ESPN Highlights, or the game for that matter?

Let’s face it, none of us are thinking of the bottom of the bottle while siping our wine. Unless, that is, you’re thinking of how much you don’t want to reach the bottom of that bottle (me). 

Miley Cyrus got it right when she said, “It’s The Climb”, and whether you're into that twerking singer or not, I know you love that song

All I’m saying is that you will get there, and you’re making progress even if you aren’t crossing state lines. 

If you are going through a struggle now this is the perfect time to practice this patience. You will struggle. It will suck, and days or weeks will pass with no good news or tangible progress. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your career, your marriage, or your small business. Patience is the key to a slow running engine and while you may be in the driver’s seat, you have absolutely no control in what will happen. All you can do is be positive and patient and it will come, whatever “it” is.